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Khalil Shariff

Khalil Shariff is the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Aga Khan Foundation USA.

Salim Ferozali

Salim Ferozali is the Regional Chief Financial Officer.

Steve Mason

Steve Mason is the Regional Director, North America (Programs and Partnerships).

Ibrahim Inayatali

Ibrahim is the Regional Director of Planned and Legacy Giving.

Shamsah Virani

Shamsah Virani is the Director, Resource Development and Communications.

Nazlin Pepermintwala

Nazlin is the Associate Director of Finance.

Kristie Kelly

Kristie Kelly is the Senior Manager, Human Resources (North America).

Karina Paredes

Karina Paredes is AKF’s Senior Manager, Donor Services (North America).

Thant Aung

Thant Aung is the Regional Senior Manager, Information Systems. 

Karim Jafferali

Karim Jafferali is the Regional Senior Manager, Financial Management.

Leroy Fernandes

Leroy is the Donor Services Manager.

Lionel Michael

Lionel is the Office Coordinator.

Sally Maier

Sally is the Senior Design Strategist.

Anisa Premji

Anisa is the Programs and Partnerships Manager.

Michael Scheidt

Michael is the Senior Planned and Legacy Giving Officer.

Cameryn Shepich

Cameryn is the Program Officer for Programs and Partnerships.

Anna Titulaer

Anna is the Global Lead, Local Impact and Strategic Partnerships.

Gustavo Velasco

Gustavo is the Human Resources Officer for AKF USA.

Saleem Naseri

Saleem is the Senior Programs and Partnerships Officer for AKF USA.

Altaf Virani

Altaf Virani is the Donor Services Officer for AKF USA.

Eric Wood

Eric Wood is the Donor Services Associate.

Jody Santoro

Jody Santoro is the Senior Officer for Communications and Content.

Munira Yasir

Munira Yasir is the Grant Finance Manager.

Sara Gallagher

Sara Gallagher is the Business Development Manager.

Sharmin Lalani

Sharmin is the Fundraising Data Analytics Officer.

Shirin Malik

Shirin is the Senior Officer for Resource Development and Business Partnerships.

Shamsuddin Fidai

Shams is the Finance Manager, Corporate Finance.

Ramazan Ali Khidmat

Ramazan is the Senior Officer, Grants Finance.