We believe we all have purpose.

Driven by our belief in our shared humanity, we are dedicated to helping all people fulfill that promise for themselves.

The Aga Khan Foundation is different. We provide more than just goods and services.

For 50 years, we have worked in some of the most remote, hard to reach parts of Asia and Africa. We partner with communities to improve quality of life for decades and generations.

Prosperity for all comes from harnessing the best from people of all walks of life. We believe that communities and societies are stronger when they are built on the vision and collaboration of people from all backgrounds.

A Part of the Aga Khan Development Network

As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), the Foundation partners with communities to build better futures together. Each year, the Network helps improve the quality of life for tens of millions of people in over 30 countries. Learn more about AKDN here.


students reached annually, from early childhood to primary and secondary grades, and from vocational training for youth and adults to university degrees and professional development.


people provided with safe drinking water, sanitation, and sewage.


people have benefited from our rural support programs worldwide, helping families achieve stability and opportunity.


people supported to access financial services through options ranging from community-based savings groups to corporate banking.

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The voices of civil society will reflect and express the growing complexity of society, not as autonomous fragments, but as diversified institutions seeking the common good. And I believe that the voices of civil society can be among the most powerful forces in our time.