We are delighted to announce another generous matching offer from the Pyarali Nagji Family in honor of their parents, Pyarali and Jena Nagji.

Pyarali Nagji

Pyarali Nagji

Jena Nagji

Jena Nagji

“In loving memory of our parents, Pyarali and Jena Nagji, who taught us the value and meaning of giving to those who are less fortunate. They were so generous and always thought of others before themselves. We honor them today and feel grateful for the example of giving that they instilled in us.”

–Pyarali Nagji Family

Pyarali and Jena were born in Gujarat, India. As a young married couple, they struggled to make a living. Hoping to build a better life for themselves and on the guidance received, they immigrated to Africa, settling in Tanzania.

There in Tanzania, they began by operating a general merchandising retail business. Eventually, the business was expanded to include a trucking service. This transport business helped make goods available to people in small villages throughout southern Tanzania, who otherwise would not have had access to the basic necessities.

They had 11 children. When Pyarali would go on merchant safaris, Jena would handle the shop in the village and manage the storefront business. Pyarali’s mother who lived with them had vision and hearing issues and although needing assistance herself, she would give Jena a helping hand with looking after the children and taking care of things around the house, as much as she was able.

In the village where they lived, there were no hotels. Pyarali and Jena always opened their home to accommodate out-of-town guests making sure that they felt welcomed, comfortable, and well-fed.

Not only were travelers welcomed, Pyarali and Jena made sure that their local village people also understood that there was always room for them at their table. Pyarali and Jena were always available to lend a helping hand or an ear to listen.

The Pyarali Nagji family children all learned early on that sharing a portion of what you have, whether it be tangible goods, moral, or literal physical support, can be a blessing to others. They were taught that the whole of humanity is from one soul and it was instilled in them that the respect and support for our fellow human beings is paramount.

Today, they will match to double your gift in their parents’ memory. Your combined contributions can help AKF continue working to improve the quality of life of some of the poorest communities in the world.

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“Every year, Sunoco as a company comes together to support Aga Khan Foundation USA and its mission to end global poverty. AKF’s mission and Sunoco’s mission – the common connection is being involved and giving back to the communities. To be able to spend time with our customers outside of the business… and see the work actually being done and that’s very rewarding to people like that.”

Patrick Albro, Regional Director, Business Development

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“For over two decades, GHRA’s support for Aga Khan Foundation initiatives has been instrumental in extending their collective mission globally. Through member contributions, countless lives have been positively impacted. Together, we exemplify the power of collaborative, mission-driven efforts.”

Imran Ali, President GHRA

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