How would you like to Friend Raise and Fundraise?

Community Initiatives

Take the lead! Become an AKF Ambassador and implement any one of these initiatives with your community networks. We will connect you with your regional volunteers who will support you with the logistics, information, and materials you need.

Lunch and Learn: A man presents on a television in a boardroom.

Professional Lunch And Learn
“Nourish and Know”

Collaborate with your corporate organization or independently organize a short virtual session with your colleagues over lunch. Inspire them with our work and how their support can create a life-changing impact for some of the poorest communities in difficult-to-reach regions of the world.

Women's Luncheon

Women in Action Luncheon

Gather your network of influential women who want to create change and improve the quality of life of women and girls living in the poorest regions of the world.

Giving Circles: A group of people have a conversation at a dinner.

Giving Circles
“Dine And Discover”

Host an intimate gathering of your network of leading entrepreneurs, executives, or change-makers that desire to make a significant difference in this world. Share your passion and stories about the lasting impact of our work and make it infectious.

Interested? Let us know which initiative you would like to learn more about.

Regional Events

Join one of our upcoming events in your regional area as a participant or volunteer.




Upcoming Golf Events

Recent Golf Events


More information on Fundraising Dinners will be announced soon.


More information on Galas will be announced soon.

Annual Campaign

Thank you for joining us during our 2023 Annual Campaign, Generosity Inspires Hope & Hope Changes Lives!

While the fundraising campaign is over, you can still see the weekly stories we shared.