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2024-2025 Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Fall Fundraising Campaign 2024

Support a leading development organization that understands the complexities of poverty.

As a follow-up to successful digital campaigns in 2020 and 2021, and hybrid campaigns in 2022 and 2023, we invite your company to join AKF USA and its many supporters as a sponsor for the annual fall fundraising campaign. Show your company’s commitment to making a positive impact at digital and in-person activities that bring together donors and supporters in seven regions across the U.S. from October 25 to December 6, 2024.

Digital Outreach 2024-2025

We don’t stop reaching out to our valued donors and supporters. Our awareness and educational campaigns and communication pieces distributed through our email mailing lists, web and social media platforms continue throughout the year.

Partner Locally for Impact Globally

When your organization participates in our sponsorship program, not only will you become visible amongst a wide range of consumers from diverse backgrounds across the US, but you will be associated with a leading development agency in the world. You can share with pride how your corporate funding is helping to tackle the root causes of poverty across Asia and Africa by partnering with communities to help them build self-reliance for a better future.

Contact rd.akfusa@akdn.org for more information about becoming a sponsor.