Social media and mobile use are on the rise in Tajikistan, creating opportunities for digital education and careers in information technology (IT), particularly for youth. The Aga Khan Foundation’s Coalition of Employers, with member organization Livo and partners IOM, IT-Hill, and Rebus, hosted an IT Forum in Bokhtar City, to inspire young people to consider a future in the burgeoning tech sector.


At the event, 285 young individuals discovered that the tech industry offers diverse career opportunities, from digital marketing to web development, without necessarily requiring a traditional IT degree. This helped to dispel the stereotype that the IT field is solely about programming.

Moreover, the forum allowed attendees to explore various job prospects within the IT sector, both locally and internationally. They gained valuable insights from successful professionals in the field and learned about training programs offered by IT academies like IT-Hill.

Events like these, supported by the Aga Khan Foundation and USAID, aim to empower youth by preparing them for the evolving landscape of the job market, particularly in the thriving technology industry.

This update was contributed by Subhiya Mamadzamirova, Regional Communication Manager Local Impact, Tajikistan