In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe affecting every aspect of our lives. In these unprecedented times, the Aga Khan Foundation and its partner agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network are pulling together to find creative and effective solutions to sustain the important work that needs to be done to improve the quality of human life.

AKDN pulls together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Working together, several AKDN agencies, including AKF, the Aga Khan Health Services, and the Aga Khan University are treating patients, testing suspected cases, and advising national authorities on their responses and preparedness. A cross-AKDN task force is planning how best to harness its institutions and activities to amplify its responses in order to address the various effects of this pandemic on public health, economic well-being, and social cohesion.

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Learn how to protect yourself and your community during this time with AKDN’s Special Bulletin (now available in multiple languages).