The Aga Khan Foundation is different.

Through our community-centered approach, we emphasize local leadership to invest in people, expand opportunities, and improve the quality of life.

In this report, we’re honored to share new partnerships and awards that AKF secured in 2021. Explore the map section to discover new foundations we’re working with, recent awards that respond to a critical global threat, our trailblazing Planned and Legacy Giving program, and more.

You’ll also find stories about how AKF is strengthening local leadership—from a new fund that invests in community-developed projects to Youth Ambassadors who are inspired by AKF’s global work to create change in the United States.

Catalyzing Locally-Led Development:
Local Impact Leverages American Support with a New Fund to Scale Impactful Ideas

What if we looked at development differently?

Instead of adapting global solutions to local problems, what if we scaled community-led problem solving?
These are the questions that guide Local Impact, an innovative, global partnership between the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Special Map Section

Local Roots, Global Fruits:
Our Impact in 2021

Explore a selection of AKF USA’s activities in 2021, from new projects around the world to strengthening connections in the United States.

Lean In, Claire Song
Noise, Sannidhi Udayagiri

Empowered to Create Change:
Youth Ambassadors Find Inspiration in AKF’s Work

Globally-inspired art, innovations, and local initiatives were at the heart of the 2021 Youth Festival.

Hosted by Youth Ambassadors, the virtual showcase invited youth to explore how they can make a difference while adapting to a changing world.

The winning art entries in the 2021 Youth Festival focused on embracing diversity for a more equitable future. Pictured are winners “Lean In” by Claire Song, “Unity in Diversity” by Ananya Subramaniam, and “Noise” by Sannidhi Udayagiri.