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Our dedicated supporters always find ways to make a bigger difference. In 2018, Aly Manji and Kiran Lakhani, with their loved ones, made a beautiful gift of their wedding celebration.


I’ve been a supporter of Aga Khan Foundation with its volunteer team for 10 years. Both Kiran and I come from Pakistan originally. We both have seen the Aga Khan Foundation’s work and how it breaks the poverty cycle. Now it’s humbling to be on the other side of the table, so to speak, and help the team raise money for those great programs.


The idea is that instead of a huge, four-day traditional wedding, we would do something a bit smaller and donate the difference. We still wanted to have a party, and we were still doing a dance party, but we wanted to help people, too.

Kiran and Aly engagement photo by Erik Clausen photography

We said, ‘If you want to give [a wedding gift], we’re encouraging people to give to the Aga Khan Foundation.’ We’re not trying to discourage other couples from doing a big traditional wedding. We just hope people will consider this as an option as well. You can still have a party, but you can also do something good—even if just a little bit.

We were so amazed when the donations topped $12,000!

It was tremendously gratifying to think how big a difference that would make in people’s lives.