Meeting the ever-changing demands and expectations of teaching during COVID-19 has been overwhelming for educators. While many teachers have remained positive and resilient, for many, this transition has not been easy, particularly in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Whether it is navigating thousands of new distance learning resources every day or working in severely resource-constrained environments, teachers throughout the world have had to adopt and adapt new COVID-19 compliant teaching methods to now help their students continue to learn during the pandemic. Without supporting teachers with more practical and actionable resources to use in both online and offline contexts, students will continue to fall behind in key developmental and learning milestones.

A teacher holds a poster as a student points to a picture on the poster

To meet this demand, the Aga Khan Foundation, in partnership with the Aga Khan Education Services and Aga Khan Academy, has curated a number of suggested professional offline and online tips, resources, and recommendations to support educators at the pre-primary, primary school, and secondary school levels. The resource packages also provide suggestions about how best to support teachers’ wellness and professional development during this uncertain time.

While these resources have been specifically developed as an immediate educational response to the COVID-19 crisis, they also offer teachers with a lasting portfolio of new innovative, adaptive and creative pedagogical approaches that can be used to help students learn and thrive over the long-term.

The four downloadable educator resource packages are provided in the links below: