Traditional development focuses on one project at a time. Just as people are multifaceted, we believe development should also answer all the needs of a person.

We work with our sister agencies and partners to connect with local priorities, investing in the same place at the same time.

WHAT IS Multi-input Area Development?

Our integrated development approach, what we call Multi-Input Area Development, builds thriving communities focused on sustainable improvements through complementary social, economic, and cultural interventions.

By connecting community-driven projects with public, private, and civil society partners, we offer a comprehensive, integrated approach, investing in the same place. This means widespread progress, from education to infrastructure.

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Integrated Development

Poverty is a complex problem but we make progress when we we link our efforts across all sectors, from health and education to infrastructure and youth.

Civil Society

Informed and engaged people with the tools to shape their own futures is key to sustainable development. We take a broad view of civil society as private energies for public good, whether that’s a small savings group or a large public partnership. Our programs bring together partners, local organizations, and governments to address priorities.

Early Child Development

New research shows a child’s earliest years can have a lifelong impact. This calls for an approach that gives parents and caregivers the tools they need. Working with our partners, we’re developing a set of tools that will help children thrive during this critical time.

Access to Electricity

Reliable electricity can transform a community’s home life, schools, healthcare, and economy. Access to power is a key step on the path out of poverty. We work with partners and communities to take that step.

Economic Inclusion

Entrepreneurship allows people to unlock their potential and create their own jobs. We work with our partners and communities to support this drive. This includes access to mentors, business advice, technical help, and tailored financing, all designed to unlock growth.