The Aga Khan Foundation partners with communities around the world to build better futures together.

Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, the Aga Khan Foundation makes long term investments, builds reliable

institutions and cultivates an active civil society to improve the quality of life for all regardless of gender, origin or religion.

For nearly 50 years, the Aga Khan Foundation has been partnering with communities, governments, businesses and local organizations to build better futures together.
Each year, the Aga Khan Development Network helps improve the quality of life for tens of millions of people in over 30 countries. But what does that really look like? Watch our new video to find out.

Vision for Change

We are stronger together. Our work is driven by a firm belief in our shared humanity. Prosperity for all comes from harnessing the best from people of all walks of life. Strong partnerships with local organizations, businesses, governments and community leaders based on a shared vision for the common good improves the quality of life for people in the poorest regions of Africa and Asia.

“The voices of civil society will reflect and express the growing complexity of society, not as autonomous fragments, but as diversified institutions seeking the common good. And I believe that the voices of civil society can be among the most powerful forces in our time.”

His Highness the Aga Khan
Brown University, March 10, 2014