For over 50 years, the Aga Khan Foundation has invested in communities across Africa and Asia to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunity.

We are proud to share stories that highlight AKF works to make leadership more inclusive, with a focus on women.

Blazing New Trails in Small Enterprise

Furough’s Story

In 2018, the Pamir Eco-Cultural Tourism Association continued to contribute to Tajikistan’s entry into the tourism sector, and with one dynamic guide, Furough, opened that path for a wider share of mountain residents: women wilderness guides.

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Charting New Course in Civil Society

Maryana’s Story

In East Africa, we supported a landmark partnership with Harvard University to cultivate the skills of African leaders. Maryana, who heads up a civil society organization in Kenya, talks about her own growth as a leader in the region.

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Reaching New Heights in National Healthcare

Zainab’s Story

In Pakistan, the Aga Khan University opens doors for a more representative range of leaders, including women. Zainab, an AKU alum returning to lead the university’s Department of Medicine, shows what that means.

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