Meeting the demands and expectations of supporting children to learn at home can be overwhelming.

Whether it is receiving new instructions from teachers or navigating hundreds of online resources, it has become stressful and tiring for many families and caregivers to adopt and adapt available materials for what could really work for children within their own homes.

Low-cost teaching aids can support children to learn at home

To meet this demand, the Aga Khan Foundation has curated a number of suggested tips and resources to support children’s learning at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

The three resource documents that were developed affirm and reinforce the important role that parents and caretakers continue to have in supporting their children’s learning and growth during COVID-19. The three resources documents are linked below:

Learn more about how the Aga Khan Development Network, of which AKF is a part, is responding to the global pandemic across all areas of programming—from early child development and education to civil society and health.