Boosting agricultural yields in food-scarce areas has been at the center of the Aga Khan Foundation’s activities since it began. Agriculture remains the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40 percent of today’s global population. The world’s 500 million small farms provide up to 80 percent of the food consumed.

However, 800 million people worldwide still lack regular access to adequate amounts of food. Adding to this challenge is a shifting climate that impacts the livelihoods of many farmers. Since 1990, global emissions of carbon dioxide have increased by almost 50 percent; and Himalayan snow and ice are expected to decline 20 percent by 2030.

AKF aims to provide enduring solutions to both chronic and emerging issues that affect the agriculture and food security sector.

Our goals

closeup of a man's hands holding potatoes

Enhance food security

Providing better equipment and training on latest growing techniques

a man tills his field

Improve livelihoods from agriculture

Connecting small-scale farmers to larger buyers and marketplaces

an outdoor water faucet

Increase sustainable utilization of natural resources

Ensuring precious resources are carefully managed and shared

women in saris stand in front of a building with solar panels

Improve resilience towards climate change

Improving infrastructure and mitigation techniques

Our impact


people benefitted from AKF’s farm livelihoods and natural resource management programs worldwide


people in highly vulnerable communities benefit from AKF’s innovative approaches to local nutrition and food security


farmers benefitted from AKF-supported climate-smart innovations worldwide

Focus Areas

Focus Areas