Designating the Aga Khan Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement plan is a simple and straightforward way to leave your legacy.

Retirement Plans

Naming AKF USA as the beneficiary of a retirement plan such as an individual retirement account (IRA), 401(k), 403(b), or other qualifying retirement plan is a great way to fully utilize your retirement assets and fulfill your charitable intentions.

How to designate AKF USA as the beneficiary of your retirement plan

All it takes is speaking with your plan administrator to update your beneficiary designation to the Aga Khan Foundation USA. You have the ability to designate AKF USA as the sole beneficiary or even state a specific amount or percentage of the plan if you intend to name multiple beneficiaries.

The Benefits of Designating AKF USA

The income you have contributed to your retirement plan accounts is generally not taxed before distribution. Once you decide to withdraw from your plan, the withdrawals will be taxed. By designating AKF USA as the beneficiary, your retirement assets are eligible to be exempt of taxation.

  • You maintain ownership and control of your retirement account.
  • You are able to continue making withdrawals throughout your lifetime.
  • This provides an opportunity to create an efficient estate plan that maximizes the potential of your assets.
  • It also enables you to give less heavily taxed assets to your heirs while fulfilling your charitable intentions.
  • If your family or financial circumstances change, your designation can be changed at any time.

Inform AKF USA

The Foundation requests that donors who have designated the Aga Khan Foundation USA in their retirement plan to inform the Foundation about the beneficiary designation. This will help the Foundation provide better service to the donor and to the estate. If the donor is willing, AKF USA also requests that the donor provide a copy of the beneficiary designation naming the Foundation.

If you’re considering making a gift to AKF USA through retirement planning please call 202.293.2537, email, or mail to:

Planned and Legacy Giving
Aga Khan Foundation USA
1825 K Street, NW Suite 901
Washington, DC 20006



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