Choosing to leave a bequest to the AKF USA in your will is an extraordinary way to express your commitment to improving lives around the world.

A Bequest in your Will or Trust is the easiest way to make an impact

Leaving a bequest to AKF USA in your Will or Trust is the most common type of legacy gift. A bequest is a transfer of personal property as directed by specific provisions of a person’s Will or Trust after one’s lifetime. A charitable bequest is when an individual designates a charitable organization as the recipient. By including a bequest to the Aga Khan Foundation USA in your Will, you are directly contributing to the lasting impact of the work we do for generations to come.

Four ways to leave a Gift in your Will or Trust

  1. Leave a residual bequest, where the remainder of your estate is left to AKF USA after providing for your family
    Residue of estate: “I bequeath to Aga Khan Foundation USA all of the residue (or remainder) of my estate for its own use absolutely.”
  2. Leave a percentage of your estate
    Percentage of total estate: “I bequeath to Aga Khan Foundation USA __% of my estate in its entirety for its own use absolutely.”
  3. Leave a specific amount of your estate
    Specific amount of estate: “I bequeath to Aga Khan Foundation USA the sum of [amount] for its own use absolutely.”
  4. Leave a contingent bequest, a share of your estate after your other beneficiaries have passed on
    Contingent bequest: “I bequeath to the Aga Khan Foundation USA the remainder of my estate after my family heirs pass.”

What are the benefits of leaving a Bequest in your Will to AKF USA?

  1. You retain ownership and use of your assets during your lifetime
  2. Your gift can be made for any amount that fulfills your charitable intentions
  3. Your estate receives an official charitable tax receipt for the full value of the bequest
  4. You can adjust the provisions in your Will or Trust at any time to meet your needs during your lifetime

AKF USA strongly recommends that all potential donors consult their family as well as their legal and financial advisors prior to making a bequest. Individuals should also take the necessary steps to ensure that they have made adequate provisions for their family and heirs. In this way, the gift will reflect responsible stewardship of family resources and a charitable service to society.

Inform AKF USA

The Foundation requests that donors who have chosen to include AKF USA in their Will or Trust to inform the Foundation about the bequest provision. This will help the Foundation provide better service to the donor and to the estate. If the donor is willing, AKF USA also requests that the donor provide a copy of that section of the Will or Trust naming the Foundation as a record.

For more information on making a bequest or informing AKF USA of your intention, please contact your local AKF USA volunteer or call 202.293.2537, email [email protected], or mail to:

Planned and Legacy Giving
Aga Khan Foundation USA
1825 K Street, NW Suite 901
Washington, DC 20006

The content on our Planned and Legacy Giving pages is for informational purposes only. We recommend that you consult with your financial and legal advisors for additional information and guidance.